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The IT Iceberg Secret

The Iceberg Secret, Revealed by Joel Spolsky It’s pretty clear that programmers think in one language, and MBAs think in another. I’ve been thinking about the problem of communication in software management for a while, because it’s pretty clear to … Continue reading

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Change Your Name

Best Buy Asks Man To Change Name [the broken link was removed]: Turns out if your last name is less than three letters, the online sign-up isn’t an option for you. Companies often put up barriers for no reason, then … Continue reading

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Customer Un-focus

Counties caught in conundrum: getting Amish to take food stamps [the broken link was removed] by John Horton Accepting public assistance is verboten within the Amish culture. It simply is not done. But Taylor is under orders to at least … Continue reading

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Poor Service – Industry Standard?

More Trouble Canceling HP Orders by Bob Sutton: I wrote a post a couple months ago about how difficult it was to cancel an order I had JUST made for an HP computer, and how when I complained on the … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Book

I received a custom made photo book from my brother. It is amazing. It is a hardcover book, full of photos. The quality is amazing. The book is printed by blurb. Looking on their web site the pricing is surprisingly … Continue reading

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Holding Improvement Gains

The Hard Part: Holding Improvement Gains [the broken link was removed] by Ron Snee The long term goal should be to combine all improvement initiatives into an overall improvement system and create the management framework to sustain that system. Thus, … Continue reading

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Management Blog Tag

I have been tagged by Mark Graban of the lean blog: “Tag” – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me. I spent a year in Singapore (the small person in the photo is me, the bigger one is Dad on … Continue reading

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Interview with Toyota President

Very interesting interview with Katsuaki Watanabe – Toyota President seeks growth without major quality problems: For the North American-exclusive models, we would like to localize as much as possible the r&d activities, like factory, production engineering and production preparation. We … Continue reading

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Why Extrinsic Motivation Fails

Why Motivation by Pizza Doesn’t Work This completely changes the role of the manager as motivator. Rather than being the source of motivation (kind of a ludicrous idea in itself), the manager must help employees to find their own intrinsic … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Innovation

Top ten tips for preventing innovation give some great ideas many companies are already doing but you may find some your company hasn’t mastered 🙂 For example: Make performance reviews easy. Create some easy-to-measure metrics (like # of sick-days taken, … Continue reading

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