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Firefox 1.5 and Rollyo

The new Firefox 1.5 web browser is available. It is a great browser I have been using for at least a year. It is free, secure and has great features. You can also try a search “roll” I have setup … Continue reading

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Toyota Production System in Indiana

Photo by Daniel R. Patmore Via Evolving Excellence [the broken link was removed], Indiana plant president passes on lessons [newspaper also broke link so I removed it too]: Q. Is it different teaching the Toyota Production System to American team … Continue reading

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Toyota Manufacturing Powerhouse

Great required reading [the broken link was removed] via Evolving Excellence, Relentless [the broken link was removed], Detroit News: As Toyota expands rapidly, it is also grappling with a shortage of skilled managers and engineers. When it decided in June … Continue reading

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Toyota Chairman Comments on India and Thailand

Toyota Chief Comments on India, Thai Cos. [the broken link was removed] The chairman of Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday that auto companies in India and Thailand may soon overtake those in Japan because of their increasing focus on quality. … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Flavors

Lean Manufacturing Visionary Jim Womack On Frontiers Of Lean Thinking [broken link has been removed], webcast and additional questions and answers: Question: For a firm seeking to improve — what comes first? Six Sigma quality or lean implementation? James Womack: … Continue reading

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Not the End of Process

The End of Process by Ross Mayfield If a knowledge worker has the organization’s information in a social context at their finger tips, and the organization is sufficiently connected to tap experts and form groups instantly to resolve exceptions — … Continue reading

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Google: Experiment Quickly and Often

Google Thinks Small by Quentin Hardy, Forbes: Brin and Page have created a corporate organism that tackles most big projects in small, tightly focused teams, setting them up in an instant and breaking them down weeks later without remorse. “Their … Continue reading

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ToC Conference Recap

Thoughts on TOCICO [the broken link was removed] by David Anderson: “Subordination happens first!” In the 5 focusing steps, the third step is to subordinate the rest of the system to the decision made in step 2 to fully exploit … Continue reading

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2005 Baldrige Award

The 2005 Baldrige Award recipients are: Sunny Fresh Foods, Inc., Monticello, Minn. (manufacturing) [the broken link was removed] Product rejections for SFF at all four plants have continuously declined. Reducing rework can provide significant productivity improvements: SFF’s rework reduction percentage … Continue reading

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Lean Forest Products

On The Move NRRI Forest Products promotes ‘lean’ manufacturing processes [the broken link was removed] by Chuck Watson: “Since U.S. furniture manufacturers typically had lead times greater than four to eight weeks, China could build and ship products to the … Continue reading

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