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Respect People: Trust Them to Use good Judgment

Nordstrom’s employee handbook used to be presented on a single 5 x 8 card: Welcome to Nordstrom We’re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and … Continue reading

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A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers

Excerpts from The Deming Library Volume XXI, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Russell Ackoff and David Langford demonstrate that educators can begin a quality transformation by developing an understanding of the properties and powers of systems-oriented thinking. You can order … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Football Players Just Thrown the Ball Out of Bounds to Stop the Clock

I have never understood why players don’t lateral the ball out of bounds to stop the clock in pro or college football in the USA. If time is running out and the player is tackled in bounds the clock keeps … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival #113

Pete Abilla hosts the Management Improvement Carnival #113, highlights include: Just Open my Mouth and Go To the Gemba by Bryan Zeigler: I see the same thing in factories all the time. There is a problem. We sit at our … Continue reading

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Posts on Managing People from Around the Web

My thoughts on managing people are based on Dr. Deming’s thoughts on management. The over-simplified explanation is that people want to do good work. Performance problems should be looked at first, second, third, fourth and fifth as problems with the … Continue reading

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2010 Deming Prize

The Union Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) has awarded the Deming Prize to 4 companies in 2010: Corona Corporation (Japan), Meidoh (Japan), GC Dental (China) and National Engineering Industries Limited (India). Organizations receiving the Deming Prize since 2000 by country … Continue reading

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Positivity and Joy in Work

After my father died, for years (at least 10), people I never had met before would emotionally share what a positive influence he had on their lives. He did great stuff helping organizations improve. But the majority of people were … Continue reading

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Carnival of Human Resources

As I have discussed in this blog I believe the ideas Douglas Mcgregor’s laid out in The Human Side Of Enterprise 50 years ago. People want to do a good job. Managers don’t need to use carrots and sticks to … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival #112

Tim McMahon hosts the Management Improvement Carnival #112 on the A Lean Journey blog. Highlights include: Establishing a Classroom Culture – David Kasprzak explores the question of “what if work was like going to school?” Overlooked Waste Reduction of Kanban … Continue reading

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Create a System That Lets People Take Pride in Their Work

I believe I learned this from Peter Scholtes, though maybe I am remembering it wrong or explaining it wrong (so give him the credit and if I mess it up it is my fault). I believe there is a problem … Continue reading

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