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Economics – America and China

Business Week has several good articles on the topic of China’s Economic impact including: Shaking up Trade Theory and The China Price. In Shaking up Trade Theory Aaron Bernstein explores: “The fact that programming, engineering, and other high-skilled jobs are … Continue reading

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Hack your way out of writer’s block

Topic: Miscellaneous I thought this post, from 43 folders, on writer’s block, had some good ideas. If you are suppose to be witting something and instead are reading this blog perhaps you should take a look at the ideas offered … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Articles

Topic: Management – Library Additions Recent additions to the Curious Cat Online Management Improvement Library include: * Race for Quality Knows No Finishing Line by Venkatachari Jagannathan * Business Needs Determine What Black Belts Need to Know by Ronald D. … Continue reading

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Google index reaches 8 billion

Google Blog reported that the number of documents included in the Google index now exceeds 8 billion. “Today that number nearly doubled to more than 8 billion pages.”

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A9 Toolbar for Firefox Browser has released their A9 toolbar for the new Firefox 1.0 browser. The A9 toolbar has a number of handy features. I am most glad to see the increasing support (which will only encourage more use of the great, free, … Continue reading

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