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Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno

Jon Miller has been posting thoughts on chapters of Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno for quite some time. His latest post in on chapter 23 (of 37): Producing at the Lowest Possible Cost. The series of posts provide great doses … Continue reading

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TRIZ – Managing Creativity

The World According to TRIZ by Reena Jana: TRIZ is the brainchild of late Russian inventor Genrich Altshuller (1926-98), who worked as a patent inspector. In the process of observing invention after invention, Altshuller sought to identify a consistent formula … Continue reading

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Lean Software Development

I have posted on the topic of Lean Software Development previously. Lean Software Development: A Field Guide – the first 3 chapters of this new book are available online [the broken link was removed]. Excellent book that I recommended for … Continue reading

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Six Sigma Spells Success in India

Six Sigma spells success for BPOs by Pradeep Kapur: However, while Six Sigma’s pedigree can indeed be traced to TQM, it is differentiated from these earlier approaches by the bottom-line focus and intensity of its application. Experience has shown that … Continue reading

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Lessons From Visit to Toyota’s Kentucky Plant

Construction Executive Lessons from the Toyota Visit [the broken link was removed] by Hal Macomber including: Stopping to fix the problem – jidoka – could lead to far fewer quality problems. … Establish standard work – the currently understood best … Continue reading

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New York City Photos

These photos are from my New York City trip in 2005, see more photos of: Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). The Met is an incredible museum with a huge amount of amazing art.

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Improving Engineering Education

On our Science and Engineering blog I just posted on the Olin Engineering Education Experiment. It is a great story of doing things differently. The Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering was founded with a donation of over $400 million … Continue reading

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Lean Transformation Tips

The 12 Half Truths of a Lean Transformation [the broken link was removed] by Charles Hagood. A one page article reinforcing what adopting lean methods will require. The process of improving never ends. A Lean transformation has no end date! … Continue reading

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Better and Different

Reaction to Toyota: Better or Different? and Seth Godin’s post. The answer, as I see it, is to be better and different (when necessary). In Seth’s post he talks about challenging people to find not just better solutions but different … Continue reading

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Financial Education

Federal Reserve System: economic and personal financial education [the broken link was removed] “Financial education is a critical component of a robust and effective financial marketplace but it is not a panacea. Clear disclosures, wise regulation and vigorous enforcement are … Continue reading

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