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Web Search Improvements

Topic: Internet – Search Improvement I have been waiting for Google to provide a way around an obvious problem with their search results for a long time. They choose to provide results that do not display matching content when you … Continue reading

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Theory of Knowledge

Deming’s Management System, as expressed in his book: The New Economics has four interdependent parts: Appreciation for a System (systems thinking) Knowledge about Variation (see: variation definition) Theory of Knowledge Psychology (the human element of management systems) Quotes on the … Continue reading

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Designing a New Organization

re: What about Designing New Organizations? Guidance for “designing a new organisation and not for analysis of an existing one?” (edited) I would add Russell Ackoff to the top of the list of those to consult. Start with his book … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Articles

Topic: Management – Library Additions Recent additions to the Curious Cat Management Improvement Library include: Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Toyota Philosophy and Its Effects by M. Reza Vaghefi Designing Useful Metrics by Esther Derby Transforming The Systems Movement by … Continue reading

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Price Discrimination in the Internet Age

Re: Boing Boing post – Why HP’s region coding excuse is bogus There is a simple method for large multi-national companies to use to protect against currency fluctuation. They can use foreign exchange futures to do so. Companies do this … Continue reading

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Operational Excellence

In, the post Is Operational Excellence Dead? the argument is made that operational excellence is dead as a differentiator of companies. “All of the emphasis on outsourcing to low labor cost countries seems to imply that organizations no longer consider … Continue reading

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USA Health Care Costs reach 15.3% of GDP – the highest percentage ever

re: Health Care Spending In The United States Slows For The First Time In Seven Years The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services) issued a report (the press release … Continue reading

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Drug Prices in the USA

re: Canada mulls end to drugs by mail order, by Colin McClell, Associated Press, 6 Jan 2005, The discussion of restricting Americans from buying drugs from Canada highlights failures of the current system. Unfortunately the focus in not on health … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Anti – Elitism

re: recent post by by Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia: Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism Wikipedia is an awesome example of the power of the internet. Essentially it is a freeware, open source encyclopedia. The results are amazingly good, … Continue reading

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Digital Rights Management

From Cory sets DRM strawmen ablaze: “For starters, any market-correction for DRM will surely involve informed customers making good purchase decisions about the DRM in their devices. That’s what this debate is all about. The implicit, “Stop complaining and let … Continue reading

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