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Data Visualization

Data is often displayed poorly, making it difficult to see what is important. When data is displayed well the important facts should leap off the page and into the viewers mind. Edward Tufte is an expert on this topic with … Continue reading

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Constant Change and Growth

The Toyota Secret: Constant Change And Growth by Norman Bodek the chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation. He said, “Failure to change is a vice! I want everyone at Toyota to change and at least do not be an obstacle for … Continue reading

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August 2005 – Management Improvement Posts

A few posts from the Curious Cat Management Improvement blog 2 years ago – August 2005: Purpose of an Organization: “The aim proposed here for any organization is for everybody to gain – stockholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community, the environment … Continue reading

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The Importance of Management Improvement

If organizations just adopt management improvement practices I firmly believe customer service, financial performance and employee satisfaction could be improved. This was a big part of the reason I started to use the internet to share management improvement ideas back … Continue reading

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Pragmatism and Management Knowledge

Is the Theory of Constraints (TOC) a Theory? [the broken link was removed]: I suppose it’s a question of precision then. There are many things that you could argue are useful, if you argue backward from the end result. Yet … Continue reading

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Tesco in the USA

Tesco is opening Fresh and Easy stores in the USA: starting with Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world and well known for using lean management methods. I added Tesco … Continue reading

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Google Video Customer Service

Google Video sold digital videos that were controlled by Digital Rights Management DRM (so the purchaser didn’t buy something they bought the right to view the digital media according to a set of constraints. I, and many others find these … Continue reading

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Improvement Tools and Improving Management

Tools are just tools [the broken link has been removed] by Lee Fried We have begun to shift away from a tool driven approach to one more centered on improving our management systems. This makes the work far more difficult, … Continue reading

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Deming Institute Annual Conference: Oct 2007

Learn how to do your work better, faster, and for less cost, plus find more time to plan your future and develop balance in your life – Attend The W. Edwards Deming Institute Fall Conference. Gain new insights to: * … Continue reading

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More Bad Customer Service Examples :-(

It is sad to see so many examples of bad customer service. I wish enough companies would adopt management improvement principles so that at least I could avoid dealing with the others altogether. Here are 2 more bad examples from … Continue reading

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