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More Management Blog Posts From October 2005

Performance Without Appraisal – When asked “If we eliminate performance appraisals, as you suggest, what do we do instead?” Dr. Deming’s reply: “Whatever Peter Scholtes says.” Read The Leader’s Handbooks, by Peter Scholtes Ford and Managing the Supplier Relationship – … Continue reading

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Family Business Gives $6.6 million in Bonuses to Workers

The PEER Bearing Company (a manufacturer of bearings based in Illinois) was bought out by a Swedish company this year. The family that had owned the company gave surprise bonuses of $6.6 million to the 230 employees of the company … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Micro-financing Entrepreneurs

This is a post from my Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog. For me, giving back to others is part of my personal financial plan. As I have said most people that are actually able to read this are financially … Continue reading

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Honda has Never had Layoffs and has been Profitable Every Year

Engineers Rule, 2006 Longtime auto analyst John Casesa, who now runs a consulting company, says, “There’s not a company on earth that better understands the culture of engineering.” The strategy has worked thus far. Honda has never had an unprofitable … Continue reading

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Eric Schmidt on Management at Google

Eric Schmidt speaks at the Management Lab Summit on May 29, 2008 in Half Moon Bay, California. Conversation with Professor Gary Hamel. “The culture can be thought of as a ship and iterate culture with transparency for what people are … Continue reading

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Invest in New Management Methods Not a Failing Company, 1986

Invest in New Management Methods Not a Failing Company by William Hunter, 1986 I predict American Motors will stop making cars in Wisconsin in the near future, whether or not the state’s money is used for a temporary propping-up operation. … Continue reading

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What’s the Value of a Big Bonus?

What’s the Value of a Big Bonus? by Dan Ariely To look at this question, three colleagues and I conducted an experiment. We presented 87 participants with an array of tasks that demanded attention, memory, concentration and creativity. We asked … Continue reading

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The Manager FAQ

This is a great set of answers for programmers on the behavior of managers, that can also be of interest to some non-programmers. The Manager FAQ by Peter Seebach The following list is an attempt to cover some of the … Continue reading

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CMMI and Agile Development

CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both! is a new report that is worth reading. All too often, CMMI has been applied rather than implemented. The standards-centric application of CMMI has contributed to some spectacular failures and losses of time … Continue reading

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Ford’s Cama├žari Plant in Brazil

Brazil’s Cama├žari plant is model for the future This state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia is not only the centerpiece of Ford’s Brazilian turnaround plan, it is also one of the most advanced automobile plants in … Continue reading

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