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iPhone + AT&T = Yikes

What a surprise – lousy customer service from a cell phone company. What a shame that it is no surprise at all. Don’t they have tons of MBAs with 6 figure salaries? They do have a CEO paid over $31 … Continue reading

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Multi-Tasking: Why Projects Take so Long

From a new, interesting, Theory of Constraint blog by Kevin Fox – Multi-Tasking: Why projects take so long and still go late In many companies the impact of multi-tasking is obscured by the fact that in spite of its prevalence … Continue reading

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TVS Group Director on India – Manufacturing, Economy…

TVS group companies, based in India, have been awarded 5 Deming Prizes. He discusses Deming and quality a bit. He also discusses their experiences in manufacturing in China and the strengths they have found in each country. And he discusses the Indian economy and manufacturing.

Related: Hopeful About India’s Manufacturing SectorToyota Chairman Comments on India and Thailand Continue reading

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Amazon’s Amazing Achievement

I have mentioned I like the way Amazon, and Jeff Bezos, have been managing in several posts. Recently Amazon has added very strong financial results to that portfolio of things they do well. Amazon earnings announcement: Net sales increased 35% … Continue reading

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New York City Travel Photos

Photos from my trip to New York City last year are now online. Photos include: The Cloisters (part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – though located far uptown) art and architecture of medieval Europe, the remodeled Museum of Modern … Continue reading

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Google Exceeded Planned Spending on Personnel

Often people have trouble understanding Dr. Deming’s disapproval of arbitrary numerical targets. What he was trying to prevent is what many see every day, such as managing to quarterly earnings targets. There are several problems with numerical goals but in … Continue reading

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Gary Hamel on Management Innovation

I have mentioned before that I think Gary Hamel is one of the leading management thinkers on innovation. Here is an interesting interview (via: brisebois blog) with him – Gary Hamel: management innovation Management innovation is innovation in management principles … Continue reading

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Management by Walking Around

Management by walking around (MBWA) is based on the concept that a manager needs to actually understand what is really going on – not just view reports in an office. By seeing the actual state of affairs they can better … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival #15

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. John Kotter on Change Management by Lauchlan Mackinnon – “Kotter therefore suggests an 8-stage process for managing organisational change that addresses each one of these concerns and turns them around to … Continue reading

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The Joy of Work

Comic by Joe Sayers, Wanna play work? A good laugh, but also a reminder of an important idea. We spend much of our life at work: we deserve to have pride in what we do and even enjoy it (shocking … Continue reading

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