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Transforming With Lean

Dave Gleditsch, Chief Technology Officer, Pelion Systems, makes many excellent points in: Transforming Your Business To Lean: Lessons Learned [the broken link was removed]: First and foremost, we should always keep the customer at the forefront of the planning and … Continue reading

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Encourage Improvement Action by Everyone

Centralizing decision making is not an effective way to manage organizations. Organizations need to encourage improvement by everybody in the organization. We need to create a system where that is encouraged and supported. However, there can be problems with just … Continue reading

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5 Million Lives Campaign

IHI has created the 5 Million Lives Campaign [the broken link was removed] in the wake of the successful saving 100,000 lives campaign. Despite the extraordinary hard work and best intentions of caregivers, thousands of patients are harmed in US … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Nick Dieltiens Discussing Lean Ideas

Another YouTube video on Toyota Management (produced by a software vendor selling to Toyota Europe): Toyota’s Nick Dieltiens Discussing Lean Techniques. He is responsible for strategic planing for Lexus Europe and was previously for the lean operations office for Toyota … Continue reading

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Toyota Business Webcast

[The video was removed from YouTube] Interesting, 4 minute, segment on Toyota management practices from a business TV show. via: Lean Six Sigma Academy Blog [the broken link was removed] Related: New Toyota CEO’s Views – What drives Toyota? – … Continue reading

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Top 10 Manufacturing Countries

The newest data from the UN* confirms most of the recent trends in manufacturing output – most notably that China continues to grow dramatically. The data also shows a stagnation in USA manufacturing output over the last several years, though … Continue reading

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Game Theory Management

Interesting article on applying game theory to business decisions. Game theory is a tool that is not often used. Though most organizations are probably better off improving how they use the rest of their management tools, it is fun to … Continue reading

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Innovative Marketing Podcast

This podcast on Lego Mindstorms NXT, Lead Users, and Viral Marketing [the broken link was removed] is interesting. The discussion does a good job of explaining how factors like web 2.0 and “open source” can allow business to operate in … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Real Secret?

Well actually it isn’t a secret – it is in fact the Toyota Production/Management System. Maybe, if people assume the TPS is about improvement in the factory alone, then they could miss the true importance as the management system that … Continue reading

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It’s Easy Being Lean

Nice article, nice title too, a bit overoptimistic maybe but still nice 🙂 – It’s Easy Being Lean [the broken link was removed]: The program advocates lean manufacturing, whose main tenet is that the processes used to produce things can … Continue reading

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