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Lean is Harmony

In Mike Wroblewski’s capstone, to his posts on his tour of lean manufacturing in Japan, he states: My lean manufacturing epiphany is quite simple, LEAN IS HARMONY. … The lean principles are helping us develop and promote harmony by removing … Continue reading

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Meeting Like Google

How to Run a Meeting Like Google [the broken link was removed], offers good advice like agendas distributed ahead of time, having a note taker… Instead, she encourages such comments as “The experimentation on the site shows that his design … Continue reading

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Leaving Quality Behind – Again No

Is PAT Leaving Quality Behind? [the broken link was removed] The intent of PAT was to advocate a more scientific and methodical approach to product development, scale-up and production. The impact of PAT will be felt in all sectors of … Continue reading

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Excessive CEO Pay

Overpaid CEOs and Underpaid Managers: Fairness and Executive Compensation by James B. Wade, Charles A. O’Reilly, III and Timothy G. Pollock: We also find evidence suggesting that CEOs serve as a key referent for employees in determining whether their own … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Premiums Soar Again

Health insurance premiums continue to soar (Lame Mercury news removed the page so I removed the link): For the seventh straight year, premiums for employer-based health insurance rose more than twice as fast as overall inflation and wages, an annual … Continue reading

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Chaos Management (by design) at Google

Chaos by design by Adam Lashinsky: Sandberg recently committed an error that cost Google several million dollars — “Bad decision, moved too quickly, no controls in place, wasted some money,” is all she’ll say about it — and when she … Continue reading

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Lean Outsourcing

Unfortunately many people think of outsourcing when they think of lean, because they don’t understand lean manufacturing. Lean Manufacturing and Outsourcing by Eric O. Olsen and Mark Zetter (via Lean Outsourcing) looks at outsourcing with an understanding of lean manufacturing. … Continue reading

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South Carolina Photos

South Carolina photos from my visit last September to Huntington Beach State Park (photo above), Charleston and Cypress Gardens. More travel photos – travel photo posts.

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Manufacturing Jobs

The article, Manufacturing Lost 3.4 Million Jobs Since 1998 [the broken link was removed], indicates “The increased output should lead to job recovery.” I doubt it. While it is true there is a correlation between output and jobs by far … Continue reading

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Systemic Thinking

Systemic Thinking by Gary Bartlett provides a nice introduction to systemic thinking compared to analysis. Analysis is very useful however, the strong tendency to focus on only breaking apart systems to analyze components does result in missing insight into improvement … Continue reading

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