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New Look American Manufacturing

The New Look American Manufacturing [the broken link was removed] by Dale Buss: The evidence shows that American manufacturers that revise their processes and integrate technology in ways that allow them to stay close to customers can survive the onslaught … Continue reading

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Trust: Respect for People

Respect for People [the broken link was removed*], Respect for People has always been important to Toyota, and nowhere is this more evident than in the relationship among Toyota associates. … There has been only one exception to this … Continue reading

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American Manufacturing Successes

Lean and Unseen, The Economist: But someone forgot to tell American manufacturers the bad news. Most of them have enjoyed roaring success of late. Net profits have risen by nearly 9% a year since the recession in 2001 and productivity … Continue reading

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Innovation Needed to Keep USA Manufacturing?

ICAR touted as example of innovation needed in U.S. [the broken link was removed] “Our ace in the hole is innovation, and that’s why intellectual property is so important to develop,” Graham said. “How do we protect that advantage within … Continue reading

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Gas Tax

An Increase in the Gas Tax Would Hurt Consumers and Slow the Economy [the broken link was removed] Gross Domestic Product would decline by $6.5 billion per year, in real terms, from 2005 to 2014. In other words, this $131 … Continue reading

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Lean Furniture Manufacturing

Pulaski‚Äôs passion for lean plumps up dealer service [the broken link was removed] by Jeff Linville Pulaski Furniture says it has cut inventories, improved delivery times and reduced waste as part of a new emphasis on lean manufacturing. … This … Continue reading

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Our Policy is to Stick Our Heads in the Sand

Conversation with Boston Volkswagen [the broken link was removed] by Paul Graham I recently looked into getting a new car. The Kafkaesque conversation that resulted would have been funny if it were happening to someone else. If only Volkswagen could … Continue reading

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Innovation Example

Farecast is a cool internet application, and one that might actual save you money to buy, say a digital camera. Farecast provides data and analysis to those looking to purchase airplane tickets. The graph above shows ticket prices for tickets … Continue reading

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Employee Ownership

H.C. Miller workers to earn ownership [the broken link was removed] by Richard Ryman. I have always liked the idea of employee ownership. To me this can be a great help in creating a system where employees, owners, customers, suppliers … Continue reading

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Universal Health Care in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Latest Innovation: Universal Health Care by Laura Locke: Starting in early 2007, every uninsured San Franciscan can seek comprehensive primary care at the city’s public and private clinics and hospitals, including top research facilities like the University of … Continue reading

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