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The Greatest Wall Street Danger of All: You

re: Born Suckers – The greatest Wall Street danger of all: you by Henry Blodget. Henry Blodget mentions two profoundly (though simple) important factors that lead to poor investment decisions: Prospect Theory and Outcome Bias. He lists 7 factors, I … Continue reading

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Google Photo Management Software – Picasa

Topics: Freeware – Photos I am a big fan of Google, the search engine, and the company. Google bought Picasa, digital photo management software, a few months ago and decided to give the software away as freeware. I just got … Continue reading

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Adventure Capitalist and China Wakes

I recently read two books that offered perspectives I found worthwhile and were enjoyable to read. Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers tracked his trip around the world by car. Previously he had documented his around the world motorcycle journey in … Continue reading

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Big Cats in America

I found a recent Washington Post article interesting: Mountain Lions Move East, Breeding Fear on the Prairie. Many new realities are suprising. Some are historically important worldwide like the fall of the Berlin Wall. Others are not as significant but … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Articles

Topic: Management – Library Additions The articles added to our library this month are especially good, in my opinion. Recent additions to the Curious Cat Online Management Improvement Library include: * A Brief Guide to Interactive Planning and Idealized Design … Continue reading

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