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Seminar in Singapore: Deming’s Philosophy of Management

The local partner cancelled the seminar, therefore I have deleted the post.

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Build Systems That Allow Quick Action – Don’t Just Try and Run Faster

This month Paul Borawski (CEO of ASQ) has asked the ASQ Influential Voices to share their thoughts on the cries for “faster, faster, faster” that so often is a refrain heard today. I have long said that the measure of … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Blog Carnival #178

The Curious Cat management blog carnival is published twice a month: with hand picked recent management blog posts. I also collect management improvement articles for the Curious Cat Management Articles site. Disruptive Management by Bill Waddell – “The professional management … Continue reading

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5s at NASA

NASA did some amazing things culminating with landing on Moon. Much of what they did was doing many small things very well. They used 5s, checklists, gemba thinking, usability, simplicity, testing out on a small scale and much more. Here … Continue reading

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Manage Better by Managing Less

Matt May included “Silhouettes” from selected authors in his new book: The Laws of Subtraction (shipping October 26th). I am honored to be included: the following my silhouette. Early in my career, I had a supervisor ask me why I … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Blog Carnival #177

I am returning to publishing the Curious Cat management carnival twice a month; from the schedule of three times a month that has been the case recently. The posts selected for the carnival focus on the areas of management improvement … Continue reading

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