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The Market Discounts Proven Company Leadership Far Too Quickly

Developing a strong executive leadership culture is not a short term effort. It isn’t based on one person. It almost never deteriorates quickly. Yet markets continually overact to minor blips on the long term success of companies. I think this … Continue reading

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Leanpub Podcast on My Book – Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability

I recently was interviewed for a podcast by Len Epp with Leanpub: Leanpub Podcast Interview #9: John Hunter. I hope you enjoy the podcast (download the mp3 of the podcast). In the podcast we cover quite a bit of ground … Continue reading

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Indirect Improvement

Often the improvements that have the largest impact are focused on improving the effectiveness of thought and decision making. Improving the critical thinking in an organization has huge benefits over the long term. My strategy along the lines of improving … Continue reading

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Curious Cat 5th Annual Management Blog Review – Part 2 of 2

The 5th annual Curious Cat Management Blog Review has been completed. This year, 15 blogs (a record) reviewed a total of 39 management blogs (not a record, in 2010 44 were reviewed). 4 blogs have been reviewed every year: Curious … Continue reading

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Management Blog Review 2012: Gemba Walkabout

This is my second, of two, 2012 management blog review posts. In this post I look back at the last year on Mike Stoecklein’s Gemba Walkabout blog. Mike is the Director of Network Operations at Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value. … Continue reading

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Management Blog Review 2012: Not Running a Hospital

Paul Levy started the Running a Hospital blog when he was the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Thankfully he has continued the blog, renamed to Not Running a Hospital, after leaving that position. Paul provides a huge number … Continue reading

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