Curious Cat 5th Annual Management Blog Review – Part 2 of 2

The 5th annual Curious Cat Management Blog Review has been completed.

This year, 15 blogs (a record) reviewed a total of 39 management blogs (not a record, in 2010 44 were reviewed).

4 blogs have been reviewed every year: Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog, Evolving Excellence, Gemba Panta Rei (all of which were reviewed by Ron Pereira on Lean Six Sigma Academy in 2008) and Timeback Management which was reviewed by me here on the Curious Cat Management Improvement blog. 2008, and this year, are the years that prevented several others from recording 5 year appearances. Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog and Evolving Excellence are the only 2 blogs to have hosted a review every year.

Here are links to the those reviews that have been posted since part 1 (with the number of years each author has participated in the annual review).

Author of blog
Blogs reviewed
5 John Hunter, Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Gemba Walkabout and Not Running a Hospital
4 Karen Wilhelm, Lean Reflections Michel Baudin and Square Peg Musings
3 Mark Hamel, Gemba Tales Shmula
2 Nicole Radziwill, Quality and Innovation Business 901, Design Thinking, Peter Bregman and Stats Made Easy
2 Joe Dager, Business 901 Beyond Lean and Knowledge Jolt with Jack
1 Scott Rutherford, Square Peg Musings Lean Pathways, Quality and Innovation and Squawk Point
1 Gregg Stocker, Lessons in Lean Steven Spear

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See annual review posts for 2011201020092008

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