It’s Easy Being Lean

Nice article, nice title too, a bit overoptimistic maybe but still nice 🙂 – It’s Easy Being Lean [the broken link was removed]:

The program advocates lean manufacturing, whose main tenet is that the processes used to produce things can be made more efficient and therefore more profitable. The steps can be as simple as bringing the machines used to create goods closer together on the plant floor. Since lean manufacturing is a permanent way of doing business, not just a short-term fix, supporters of the concept say it can take years to implement fully.

Loderstedt says NJMEP helped companies develop 338 projects last year. Of these, 160, or 47 percent, focused on applying the principles of lean manufacturing. That was up from about 25 percent in 2003, he says.

NJMEP is part of the national Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which falls under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. There are 350 such locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, which operate through a mix of state and federal grants and revenue from private companies.

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