Focus on Quality and…

Recipe For Success [the broken link was removed]:

“Recipe for Success: Focus on Quality, Reduce Work-in-Progress, Balance Capacity against Demand, Prioritize” These four statements really boil down all my management teaching in to four actionable directives that will deliver significant improvement.

I have discussed some of his ideas before in, for example, Agile Management (which includes a link to a interesting interview on David Anderson’s work at Microsoft incorporating Deming’s ideas and Theory of Constraints. Others might have their own focus but creating a focus to your efforts is valuable.

I don’t have mine as nicely framed but for me: build capacity (of the organization, which largely means building the capacity of the people) and seek systemic improvement (not how to improve the results today or tomorrow but how to improve the system so results will be better as a consequence). And, for my current position, prioritize (the IT solutions provided and the management improvement aims).

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