Management Improvement Carnival #15

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival.

  • John Kotter on Change Management by Lauchlan Mackinnon – “Kotter therefore suggests an 8-stage process for managing organisational change that addresses each one of these concerns and turns them around to a key stage in the successful management of change”
  • Six Sigma and Innovation by James Todhunter – “while classical Six Sigma is primarily a statistically driven approach to system performance optimization, there are opportunities at every phase within the methodology to augment the process with innovation best practices.”
  • 8 Tips to Better Meetings by Ron Pereira – “Summarize. Throughout the meeting remind the participants what has been accomplished by restating things a bit. Also, if any ideas or solutions have been discussed summarize those as well.”
  • Top 10 Improvement Tools Named After Lean Sensei by Jon Miller – “Kano Model – The chart below illustrates how there is the Voice of the Customer (spoken needs) as well as what is sometimes called Mind of the Customer (latent or unspoken needs).”
  • Communicate And Train To Foster Innovation – “Contrary to what some may think, ‘innovation process’ is not an oxymoron.” [This is so true, innovation and process improvement are not contrary ideas – John]
  • Ten Questions with Jeffrey Pfeffer by Guy Kawasaki – “many companies presume that incentives are the answer to everything, and have a very mechanistic model of human behavior. That is also incorrect.”
  • Lowering The Water Level by Dan Markovitz – “Reducing the inventory in the process – ‘lowering the water level’ – exposes the ‘rocks’ that represent all of the hidden costs and waste in production.”
  • The 3 Forms of Any Process by Mark Graban – “If you don’t combine the Value Stream Map creation exercise with a healthy dose of ‘Ohno Circle’ style process observation, you run the risk of documenting an inaccurate view of reality”
  • Let it Burn: A Wildfire of Respect by Ted Eytan – “All in all, I probably saw 20 different ideas that teams came up with to make their service visible, and make it a little better every day.”
  • Value is not Price by Kevin Meyer – “It’s no coincidence that poor supplier management… or a lack of partnership… aligns with companies losing market share.”
  • Why Isn’t Work Standard? by John Hunter – “the issue is why does the documented standard work differ from the practice and why is management allowing such a divergence… Fix the system. What needs to be worked on is the failure of the management to create a system where standard work is the way work is done”

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