Firefox 1.5 and Rollyo

The new Firefox 1.5 web browser is available. It is a great browser I have been using for at least a year. It is free, secure and has great features.

You can also try a search “roll” I have setup for the various sites (via Rollyo) [that no longer works but I have setup similar customized search via Google]. This allows you to search those sites I have included in the “roll” and only those sites.

I have also setup a management “roll” which includes some of my favorite management sites. This is a great tool that lets you search a predefined list of sites (including blogs). You can also setup your own “rolls.” I think this is a very nice feature, let me know what you think.

You can add these search rolls to your Firefox search box (so you can select to search using Google, Yahoo… or one of these search rolls).

Also, if you have not looked at Open Office yet, take a look at it also (previous post: OpenOffice 2.0). We also have a page with some of the freeware we think is worthwhile [the broken link was removed].

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