Curious Cat Management Carnival: Select 2008 Highlights

Over the last couple of years the quality of management material available online has increased dramatically. And blogs have provided much of the best management material. The Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival now provides highlights 3 times a month. Each carnival post highlights recent management related posts from several management blogs. And for the 2008 […]

2008 Annual Management Blog Carnival: Part 1

The first half of the 2008 annual management blog carnival posts are online now. The posts highlight some of the best posts on management blogs in the last year. Follow the links to read some of the excellent posts that have been highlighted on the following blogs: Making Sense With Facilitated Systems:   Tom Peters, […]

Management Blog Carnival: 2008 Overview

Over the next 2 weeks several management blogs will be posting their contributions to the management improvement annual blog carnival. Posts will highlight some of the best posts on other management blogs in the last year. Lean Six Sigma Academy:   Lean Blog, Gemba Panta Rei, Evolving Excellence, Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Evolving Excellence: […]

Some Good IT Business Ideas

Paul Graham has some excellent ideas. I have written about some of them previously: Innovation Strategy, What Business Can Learn from Open Source and Google and Paul Graham’s Latest Essay. Y Combinator, which he founded, provides seed funding. Here are some ideas they would like to fund: Outsourced IT. In most companies the IT department […]

Find Joy and Success in Business

David Heinemeier Hansson Talk [the broken link has been removed] at Startup School 2008 (Paul Graham‘s Y-combinator school). It is helpful to appreciate the importance of some simple ideas. Working on web focused businesses people often get carried away with the huge potential and sometimes lose touch with reality. While the ideas are more obvious […]

What Motivates Programmers?

A fun read on What motivates programmers? I will start with a question, if you have a spare £400 in your development budget do you A) Reward your star programmer with a £400 bonus or B) Buy him a 24 Inch 1920—1200 LCD screen? If you answered ‘A’ then you need to read on. … […]

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SWAT Raids – Systemic Failures?

I have mentioned Reddit (an online community that is highly skewed toward software engineers who are a bit irreverent) before: Dell, Reddit and Customer Focus. The site highlights stories voted up by the community and so the makeup of the community has a huge impact on what is highlighted. The users are very willing to […]