What Motivates Programmers?

A fun read on What motivates programmers?

I will start with a question, if you have a spare £400 in your development budget do you A) Reward your star programmer with a £400 bonus or B) Buy him a 24 Inch 1920—1200 LCD screen? If you answered ‘A’ then you need to read on.

Programmers see meetings as wastes of time. Most communication between programmers is done via email or by a quick wander to another desk to clarify something that is beyond the scope of an email. Therefore any time within a meeting room is ‘unhappy time’ and unhappiness increases exponentially with the length of the meeting. So at all costs if you do need to drag your development team into a meeting either include some form of Lego to play with (I am serious) or keep them very short.

The tips in the post are worth reading. Yes, real world situation are always more complex but there is a great deal of truth in the post. Also, I will repeat my statement for all managers for all employees: your job is to eliminate de-motivation not to motivate.

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  1. I have never yet heard any negative comments about meetings I was able to end early (or cancel).

    I don't think it's just programmers that dislike meetings.

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