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Years ago I would publish multiple blog posts here every month. More recently I have posted several blog posts a year. For those interested I have several options to receive more frequent updates.

Feeds of my previous management blog posts allow you to subscribe and receive daily updates on management improvement ideas. So even though I am not posting many new posts here anymore you have several options to get you more frequent management improvement content delivered to you. The feeds also allow you to choose to see items on additional topics (investing, engineering, travel, etc.).

photo of John Hunter at Zion National Park

John Hunter at Zion National Park, Utah, USA. One of the things I have been doing while not writing blog posts here is hiking in national parks (including Zion National Park earlier this year).

RSS feed options:

[updated to add link to my Mastodon profile]

Some people like to use Twitter as a pseudo RSS feed (getting tweets with links to interesting blog posts and articles). If that is what you would like to do I have two options: @aJohnHunter and @curiouscat_com. [I removed the links here to encourage using Mastodon which is where I am active now. I am leaving the details for Twitter; over time I expect Twitter will drop many of the poor policy changes they have made and return to offering a usable service. We will see if Twitter does actually address the many recent failings over the next few years. In any event RSS provides great value without the drawbacks on any social network service.]

See where else I can be found online: John Hunter online. Each of the blogs I author also allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds for their specific content.

I also have 2 YouTube channels that you may enjoy: Curious Cat Management and Curious Cat Travel.

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