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Making Better Decisions

Comment on: When Times Are Tough, Do You Make Better Decisions? [the broken link was removed] When times are tough you are more likely to do something – take some action, make some decision. When times are good, many are … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Understanding

The “Illusion of Explanatory Depth”: How Much Do We Know About What We Know? (broken link šŸ™ was removed) is an interesting post that touches on psychology and theory of knowledge. Often (more often than Iā€™d like to admit), my … Continue reading

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Distort the System

From our post: Targets Distorting the System, Dr. Brian Joiner: spoke of 3 ways to improve the figures: distort the data, distort the system and improve the system. Improving the system is the most difficult. Another example of this in … Continue reading

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The Customer Knows Best?

The Customer Knows Best? Better Think Again by Anthony W. Ulwick It’s important to listen to customers – but not follow their words without skepticism. Ask them to design your next product and you’re likely to miss the mark, suggests … Continue reading

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Change is not Improvement

In response to: Why executives order reorgs [the broken link was removed] We trained hard… but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life … Continue reading

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How Not to Convert Equity

CNNMoney is not exactly intellectual discussion of economic and investing issues but normally it offers fairly good material for the large number of people. Especially those who really don’t want to read Warren Buffett or Brad Setser [the broken link … Continue reading

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Data Based Decision Making

Acumen visits Google: As a first step, we hope to collaborate with interested Googlers to find better ways to learn what works around the world. Identifying powerful solutions to poverty that are useful to people in different settings, and that … Continue reading

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Ford and Managing the Supplier Relationship

Topic: Management Improvement There have a been a number of articles (Ford to slash vendors of key parts [the broken link was removed] – Ford Rethinks Supply Strategy and posts (A “Kinder and Gentler” Lean Supply Base? – Ford Adopts … Continue reading

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Operational Definitions and Data Collection

Americans’ Dirty Secret Revealed by Bjorn Carey See also: Google News on washing hands [broken link was remove] – Soap and Detergent Association press release [another broken link was remove] A study released recently spawned a flurry of articles on … Continue reading

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