Red Bead Experiment Webcast

Dr. Deming used the red bead experiment to present a view into management practices and his management philosophy. The experiment provides insight into all four aspects of Dr. Deming’s management system: understanding variation, understanding psychology, systems thinking and the theory of knowledge. Red Bead Experiment by Steve Prevette Various techniques are used to ensure a […]

Deming Electronic Network Email List

The Deming Electronic Network email list 2.0 [deleted link as this is no longer online] is now live. The aim of the Deming Electronic Network is to: “Learn, apply, and extend the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and to help others do the same.” The DEN came out of a conversation between Myron Tribus, […]

Curious Cat Management Improvement Web Site

The Curious Cat Management Improvement site includes a wide array of resources for management professionals (and has been growing and improving, I hope, since 1996). Our calendar now includes several interesting opportunities including Performance Measures and Statistics Workshop [the broken link was removed] in Richland, Washington, USA by Stephen Prevette. This workshop looks interesting. We […]

Performance Measures and Statistics Course

Performance Measures and Statistics Course [the broken link was removed] – free course materials from a 2 day training course by Steven Prevette. Topics include: Dr. Deming’s red bead experiment, operational definitions, selecting performance targets, SPC, theory of variation, case studies, control charts, pdsa, pareto charts, histograms… Related: Quality, SPC and Your Career – articles […]

Quality, SPC and Your Career

Lead To Succeed [sigh, ASQ broke the link so I removed it, it sure gets tiring how backwards some organizations till are about using the internet, June 2010] by Stephen S. Prevette: * Succeed as a quality professional by branding yourself and providing a service or product your manager and organization deem worth paying for. […]