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The Deming Electronic Network email list 2.0 [deleted link as this is no longer online] is now live.

The aim of the Deming Electronic Network is to: “Learn, apply, and extend the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and to help others do the same.” The DEN came out of a conversation between Myron Tribus, Tom Glenn, Del Kimbler, John Hunter, and Jim Clauson at the first Deming Institute Conference in early 1994. We envisioned using the Internet to share, network, and support activities of Deming “followers” world wide.

The email list provides some wonderful thoughts on applying Deming’s ideas. It is focused on Deming, and some might find it a bit too focused on Deming’s idea but I think it is a great resource. Jim Clauson acts as a moderator to keep the list focused (in this age of blogs many may forget, but email lists often deteriorate into fairly uninteresting person debates).

Steve Prevette’s message [deleted obsolete link] is a nice example of what you can read:

I’ve done the [red bead] Experiment for more than 2,500 people in the past 10 years. I’ve gone from my first introduction with a Fluor manager as “Steve, we don’t know why Westinghouse employed a
statistician, Fluor doesn’t do statistics” to making or overseeing more than 2,200 charts (SPC and Pareto) per month, and have reached a peak of
3,197 charts and files (including safety inspection record processing) in July 2007. Fluor is using the Deming methodology I use as a differentiator on contract proposals. And we’ve gotten results in operations, quality, and safety.

On a related topic Peter Scholtes was awarded the latest Deming Medal by ASQ. Related posts: Curious Cat Deming Management ThoughtsBlog posts on Deming’s management systemlean management portalarticles by Steve Prevette

5 thoughts on “Deming Electronic Network Email List

  1. Arturo Inda-Cunningham

    Absolutely wonderful site. I would like, please, to subscribe to your newsletter.

    I would also like to know how to find (in this site) the collection of all articles by Myron Tribus, if you still have them, and if so, whether they are still free or for sale. The same applies to the articles by Henry R. Neave.

    I have been a disciple of Dr. Deming’s teachings since 1990 and attended his last seminar in Pasadena. I met Myron Tribus several times in the 1990s, and I organized a seminar with him in Mexico (also in the 1990s).

    I have done seminars for more than 1,500 people, in Mexico and in Venezuela (in this latter country in the 1990s), including the Red Bead Experiment and, twice (once at Oregon State University), the Funnel Experiment.

    I wrote a book, for the Organization of American States and Germany’s Agency for International Cooperation (GTZ) based on Dr. Deming’s teaching’s (in Spanish), and I have written several articles based on Dr. Deming’s and Dr. Tribus’ teachings, distributed to about 1,500 people (Also in Spanish).

    I distribute in Latin America, in Spanish, the Basic Deming Library, under contract with CC-M Productions, and the MIT Deming Videotapes (in DVD, under contract with MIT (Also in Spanish).

    Finally, I attended the Deming Institute’s meetings several times. Thanks in advance and I apologize for such a long comment.


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