Eliminate the Waste of Waiting in Line with Queuing Theory

One thing that frustrates me is how managers fail to adopt proven strategies for decades. One very obvious example is using queuing theory to setup lines.

Yes it may be even better to adopt strategies to eliminate as much waiting in line as possible, but if there is still waiting in line occurring and you are not having one queue served by multiple representatives shame on you and your company.

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2 thoughts on “Eliminate the Waste of Waiting in Line with Queuing Theory

  1. I always prefer queued lines in supermarket. I don’t go in single line cashier because I have lots of experience with delays.

  2. It’s the classic ‘knowing-doing gap‘ that Jeffrey Pfeffer and Bob Sutton talk about in their book of the same name. Time after time people know that a better way exists, yet getting from knowing to doing is considerably harder.


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