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Restaurant Eliminates Tipping to Improve System Performance

Why Tip? by Paul Wachter When he opened the Linkery [the broken link was removed], Porter said, he hoped his employees would become as emotionally invested in the venture as he was, sharing a sense of purpose and joy in … Continue reading

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Idle Workers Busy at Toyota

Idle Workers Busy at Toyota Instead of sending the workers home, as the Detroit makers often do, Toyota is keeping them at the plants, though. The employees spend their days in training sessions designed to sharpen their job skills and … Continue reading

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Financial Market Meltdown

The financial market meltdown has grown to the point where it has profound ramifications for everyone. The common wisdom for financial market variation, for most of us, is just to focus on the long term and don’t worry about short … Continue reading

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2008 Deming Prize: Tata Steel

Tata Steel, India, has been awarded the 2008 Deming Prize. They were the only organization to receive the prize this year. Mr. B. Muthuraman, Managing Director, Tata Steel, while expressing satisfaction over this accomplishment said, “No other activity made us … Continue reading

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Motivate or Eliminate De-Motivation

A huge failure I still see is managers thinking in a theory x way, 50 years after McGregor’s The Human Side of Enterprise. Continue reading

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Performance Appraisal Problems

More and more people are willing to state the frustration with the performance appraisal process. Some have been willing to take the logical step of eliminating that which causes problems but many still don’t think elimination of performance appraisals is … Continue reading

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Wind Power Provided Over 1% of Global Electricity in 2007

Data from World Wind Energy Association, for installed Mega Watts of global wind power capacity in 2007. 19,696 MW of capacity were added in 2007, bringing the total to 93,849 MW. Europe accounts for 61% of installed capacity, Germany accounts … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival #44

Kevin Meyer is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #44 on the Evolving Excellence blog, highlights include: What would Taiichi Ohno do? at TimeBack Management. I do think there’s tremendous value in applying 5S to the information you manage. But. . … Continue reading

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