Management Improvement Carnival #44

Kevin Meyer is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #44 on the Evolving Excellence blog, highlights include:

  • What would Taiichi Ohno do? at TimeBack Management. I do think there’s tremendous value in applying 5S to the information you manage. But. . . when Google desktop can find anything on your computer in .03 seconds, is there real value in spending time organizing, sorting, and deleting emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs?
  • Unbundling Dell’s Business at Edge Perspectives. Companies increasingly face an unbundling decision that will force executives to confront the most basic question of all: “what business are we really in?”
  • The Problem With Not Being Obsessive About Mistakes at Process Rants. I’m thinking if everyone was obsessed with getting it right, and embarrassed to be caught being wrong, a lot of the quality issue would take care of itself.
  • “If you didn’t do it in six sigma, then it didn’t happen.” at the Lean Blog. There’s an expression that pretty much describes Six Sigma’s infiltration at GE: If your only tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.
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