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ToC in UK Surgery

UK surgeon uses TOC approach to double capacity and eliminate waiting lists [the broken link was removed] by Clarke Ching via Carnival of Lean Leadership II [the broken link was removed]

First, he has identified himself – or surgeons in general – as the current system constraint:

Second, he’s figured out how to exploit himself as the constraint – i.e. how to make him as efficient as possible:

Third, he’s subordinated the other resources in the process to make sure he is as busy as possible:

Excellent post illustrating how Theory of Constraints can be used to analyze why an improvement is effective.

Manufacturing and the Economy

In Global Market, Iowa Manufacturers Fight for Survival:

The conventional wisdom has been that expanded trade would result in the United States losing low-pay, low-skilled manufacturing jobs, said David Swenson, an economic scientist at Iowa State University. But “a lot of the jobs that we have traditionally thought of as high value, high quality, high benefits are in trouble, too.”

The conventional wisdom was that the rest of the world would not be able to compete with the United States for high wage, high value jobs. It turns out the rest of the world is much more able to compete for that work than was expected.
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