Reducing Waste

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd – achieving zero waste to landfill [the broken link was removed]

Toyota developed its Environmental Management System to stay on top of its environmental objectives and ensure that all processes are dealt with in an environmentally friendly way and are implemented across all the plants. There are full key performance indicator reporting systems, visual controls and displays throughout the plant.

A great improvement strategy. Determine what you are trying to do. Understand the system. Set up process measures that measure that system. Improve the system and track the results. Repeat. Maintain focus over the long term. Result: success.

Three keys highlighted in the article:

1. Suggestion of continuous improvement ideas by all employees – Kaizen
2. Attendance of the managing director to “see for himself” – Genchi Genbutsu
3. Adoption of the best ideas in our standard processes – Yokoten

The reduction of waste met Toyota’s environmental goals – what it sees as its obligation to society – and the elimination of waste financially benefits Toyota.

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