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China’s Lean Journey

China’s Lean Journey [the broken link was removed] by Dennis J. Stamm: The lean initiative in China is still in its infancy, and not every company in China is inclined to invest in the latest technology, but the challenge from … Continue reading

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China’s Manufacturing Economy

Brad Setser posts on manufacturing comparisons: Have China‚Äôs manufacturing powers been exaggerated? [the broken link was removed] I am all for pushing against over-generalizations that get repeated so often that they become conventional wisdom. The oft-stated argument that France isn’t … Continue reading

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Toyota in China: Full Speed Ahead

Toyota in China: Full Speed Ahead [the broken link was removed], Business Week. Yoshimi Inaba, who’s driving the Japanese auto maker’s expansion in the Middle Kingdom, discusses the Chinese market and his goals there. Toyota’s market share is just 3.5% … Continue reading

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China now the 5th Largest Economy

China’s Economy Grew 9.9% in 2005, Overtaking France [the broken link was removed] China’s economy grew 9.9 percent in 2005, overtaking France as the world’s fifth largest, powered by exports and investment in factories, roads and power plants. Gross domestic … Continue reading

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Manufacturing and the Economy

In Global Market, Iowa Manufacturers Fight for Survival: The conventional wisdom has been that expanded trade would result in the United States losing low-pay, low-skilled manufacturing jobs, said David Swenson, an economic scientist at Iowa State University. But “a lot … Continue reading

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Adventure Capitalist and China Wakes

I recently read two books that offered perspectives I found worthwhile and were enjoyable to read. Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers tracked his trip around the world by car. Previously he had documented his around the world motorcycle journey in … Continue reading

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Economics – America and China

Business Week has several good articles on the topic of China’s Economic impact including: Shaking up Trade Theory and The China Price. In Shaking up Trade Theory Aaron Bernstein explores: “The fact that programming, engineering, and other high-skilled jobs are … Continue reading

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