China now the 5th Largest Economy

China’s Economy Grew 9.9% in 2005, Overtaking France [the broken link was removed]

China’s economy grew 9.9 percent in 2005, overtaking France as the world’s fifth largest, powered by exports and investment in factories, roads and power plants.

Gross domestic product rose to 18.2 trillion yuan ($2.3 trillion) after expanding 10.1 percent in 2004, statistics bureau commissioner Li Deshui said today in Beijing. Investment in urban areas jumped 27.2 percent last year, he said.

2003 data, from Geohive [the broken link was removed] (their source the World Bank):

United States: $10.9 trillion
Japan: $4.3 trillion
Germany: $2.4 trillion
United Kingdom: $1.8 trillion
France: $1.7 trillion
Italy: $1.5 trillion
China: $1.4 trillion
Spain: $.8 trillion
Canada: $.8 trillion
Mexico: $.6 trillion
South Korea: $.6 trillion
India: $.6 trillion

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