Deming and Software Development

I am sometimes asked about how use Deming’s ideas on management in a software development context. My belief is Deming’s ideas work extremely well in a software development context. The main issue is often unlearning some assumptions that people might have about what the Deming management system is. It really is surprising to me how […]

Value Stream Mapping for Fun and Profit

Guest post by Evan Durant, author of the Kaizen Notebook blog. I tend to get a little preachy about the importance of value stream maps, but they really can be useful tools not only to plan an improvement effort but also to monitor your progress going forward. In particular they provide a way to quantify […]

Management Improvement Carnival #116

The management blog carnival is published 3 times a month with select recent management blog posts. Also try Curious Cat Management Articles for online management improvement articles: you can subscribe to an RSS feed for management articles now. Why Google can’t build Instagram – ” 4. Google forces its developers to use its infrastructure, which […]

Management Improvement Carnival #88

Since 2006 the Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival has provided links to interesting blog posts for those interesting in improving the practice of management especially focused on the ideas of Deming, Ohno, Ackoff, Scholtes, McGregor, Womack, Christensen… Putting the Checklist Manifesto to Work by Wally Bock – “Checklists are simple but powerful tools that can […]

Management Improvement Carnival #19

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals. Why Does Bad Management Thrive So Much? by David Maister – “My question is: why hasn’t this egregiously bad management been driven out competitively? How do firms like this stay in business?” Kanban Systems for Software Development (four posts) by Corey […]

Management Improvement Carnival #9

Listening, Responding, Refining by Matt Cutts – “But you don’t need blogs or digg-like sites in this picture to respond to feedback; those are just tools. The important thing is the process. It’s a process that many groups at Google use, and that (frankly) every team at Google should consider using.” related Curious Cat post: […]

2007 Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing

Since I don’t see a the full press release on the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing site, I include it below. Related: 2006 Shingo Prize – 2006 Deming Prize – The Best Factory in the World 2007 Winners are: Autoliv Querétaro CMX Facility, Querétaro, Mexico Baxter Healthcare Corporation, North Cove Plant, Marion, North Carolina […]

Switching to Lean

Switching to lean [the broken link was removed] by Vanessa Chris: Since Eaton implemented lean manufacturing practices across its 235 plants in 2003, this facility has ranked number one for three years running. It used Eaton’s eight lean tools — that include value stream mapping, 5S, total productive maintenance, and Kanban techniques, among others — […]

Army Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma eases fiscal constraint challenges [the broken link was removed] by Beth Reece, Army News Service: During fiscal 2005, the Army Material Command saw $110 million in savings and cost avoidance by implementing Lean Six Sigma practices. By removing waste and better controlling output, for example, Letterkenny Army Depot, Pa., reduced costs by […]