Management Improvement Carnival #19

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Why Does Bad Management Thrive So Much? by David Maister – “My question is: why hasn’t this egregiously bad management been driven out competitively? How do firms like this stay in business?”
  • Kanban Systems for Software Development (four posts) by Corey Ladas – “Work-in-process is limited, and cycle time can be managed. Most importantly, it is a highly transparent and repeatable process with all of the right conditions for continuous improvement.”
  • The “multitasking” delusion by Karen Wilhelm – “Studies at University of Michigan, MIT, UC Irvine, and NASA, however, have shown that humans are pretty lousy at making rapid shifts in attention, especially when thinking is required.”
  • SAP & Whirlpool… Aha! by – Kevin Meyer “Perhaps you’d decide you still need an ERP system… but make sure it is agile and flexible to support your ever-evolving and improving processes. Improvements driven by the knowledge, creativity, and experience of your employees.”
  • Job Breakdown Sheets for Teaching TPS by Jon Miller – “A Job Breakdown Sheet details the Major Steps, Key Points and Reasons for the key points. Having a Job Breakdown Sheet creates confidence in the instructor as well as the trainee that there is a clear and unambiguous method to be followed.”
  • Several posts on Toyota North America president and Toyota board member, Jim Press moving to Chrysler after 37 years at Toyota: Nardelli Poaches Another OneJim Press Moves to ChryslerWatch Out Toyota, Here Comes…Toyota!Press leaving Toyota for ChryslerHope for Chrysler
  • Building a Process Improvement Culture by Monte Wright – “These 4 questions provide the basis or blueprint that identifies a process to be changed, the barriers that are present, solutions to remove the barrier and measurements for effectiveness.”
  • Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking by Mike Wroblewski – “Unlike the other great Shingo books which were more lean tool driven, Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking focuses on the thinking portion of problem solving, making improvements and meeting opposition to the guardians of the status quo”
  • Productivity and Leadership Insights from George David, CEO and Chairman of United Technologies by Ernie A. Cevallos – “The main thrust of ACE is built around the belief that every person should be involved with continuous improvement, from top executives down to the most junior of workers.”
  • Under Control, but Capable? by Ted Eytan – “We prepared a control chart as part of an exercise today, the first time I have done this… As usual, I see many correlations to what we can do in clinical medicine…”
  • LeanBlog Podcast David Meier, Toyota Talent – this podcast covered all sorts of great points including “How did Toyota build upon the Training Within Industry program? Why does Toyota look at work in such minute detail, breaking jobs down? What are “key points” in a job breakdown sheet?”
  • Is Emergency Room Expansion Really Necessary? by Ralph Bernstein – “I’m guessing it never occurred to the people in charge at this hospital that capacity has as much to do with flow as with physical facilities. They may have no understanding at all that waiting times can be reduced without any expansion.”
  • Pragmatism and Management Knowledge by John Hunter – “The pragmatists were concerned with the theory of knowledge – how we know what we know. They were very concerned with evaluating thought and beliefs. They believed in testing to determine whether theories were correct. This thinking underpins the Shewhart/Deming/PDSA cycle.”

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