20 Most Popular Posts on the Curious Cat Management Blog in 2015

This is a list of the 20 most popular posts on the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog last year (as measured by page views, as recorded by my analytics application).

7 of the 10 most popular posts in 2014 were in the top 10 again this year. 2 others were the 11th and 12th most popular in 2015 and only one failed to make the top 20 (it was in 31st place).

One of the things this illustrates is why it is so important to have urls (web addresses) live forever. The idea that ancient (in web thinking) content doesn’t matter is not accurate. My site is a tiny population and shouldn’t be used to make a judgement but it illustrates what is very common for sites with high quality content. If the content is good, the shelf live usually isn’t just 1 week (or even 1 decade).

The most popular posts in 2015 were originally published in
2015: 4
2014: 3
2013: 2
2012: 1
2011: 1
2010: 6
2009: 1
2008: 1

2005: 1

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One thought on “20 Most Popular Posts on the Curious Cat Management Blog in 2015

  1. Thank you for the roundup, John. I agree – I’ve been following your blog and a few others for several years now, and a lot of the content is as helpful and timely in my work now as it was when first posted (often more as I learn more). I would be sad to see any of the pages go away.

    Nice photo! I followed that trail about a week ago on snowshoes, and the depth of the views in the Olympics on a clear day is always wonderful.


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