Management Blog Posts From September 2006

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Find a few selected posts from the Curious Cat Management Blog back in September 2006.

  • Going lean Brings Long-term Payoffs – “The early paybacks provide resources to invest in making large more fundamental changes to the organization… Without visible success expecting employees to believe the new management practices is unwise.”
  • Management Improvement History and Health Care – “I think it is wise to think about what improvement methods were tried in the past and try to understand why they failed in order to improve the chances of success today. I think the many of the things which tripped up TQM, Six Sigma, re-engineering… efforts in the past are waiting to do the same to those efforts today, including lean thinking efforts.”
  • Leaving Quality Behind? Again No – “There is a big difference between needing to improve on previous attempts to adopt management improvement methods and needing to find new methods. Most of what is needed it to actually apply the good ideas that have been around for decades.”
  • Losing Manufacturing Jobs, a Global Issue – “I don’t see what theory is used to think the USA, or any other country, should expect increases in manufacturing jobs, given the experience of the last 20 years. I actually think it is possible we might see worldwide manufacturing jobs start to increase, but I would expect jobs to increase very slowly compared to manufacturing output.”
  • Excessive CEO Pay – “We have all seen CEO pay become much more excessive in the last few decades. That fact, convinced Drucker that the issue of unfair CEO pay demanded very strong denunciation from him over the last decade of his life.”
  • Thoughts on Hospital Management by Deming – “To work harder will not solve the problem. The nurses couldn’t work any harder.”
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