Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Leave in IT

Some of the problems expressed in the post linked to are specific to IT, and some are more important in software development (where as I have said before employees have higher expectations of management than most employees do), but many have truth for many employees. A good manager can create an environment where these problems are eliminated or reduced.

Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Leave in IT

No prioritization on items therefore constant interruptions in projects are the norm leaving projects unfinished due to a shift to “yet another project or task unexpectedly”

Boss doesn’t communicate things that affect the team or you as an individual and makes all decisions without your knowledge only you finding about it later through another source

Managers who fail to promote the very people who deserve it rather than who is popular or who they like

Bad co-workers who do not get stomped out (let go) and hurt the culture

Teams work best when they collaborate and are allowed to question what the proposed process or standard is, not just following and doing what is told 100% of the time. If the process suggested or currently ongoing sucks, question it and expect your team to question it!

Employee comes up with an idea and manager disregards it because “no I’ve always done it my way” even if it’s a 1999 way of doing things

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