Management Improvement Carnival #67

  • Not Invented Here by Nicole Radziwill – “when a NIH culture is observed, perhaps the resources and opportunities that are available to a group or an organization that could use them are truly invisible.”
  • Re-th!nk[ing IT strategy] by David Anderson – “if something is not strategic and we are not good at it then we should outsource it and buy the service instead. If we are good or world class at something but it is not strategic then we should spin it out and sell that service to our competitors.”
  • Let’s Teach Our Kids about Standard Work by Bryan Lund – “If we are going to nip this standard work thing in the bud, we need to go back to formula and start teaching our kids two things, 1) how to think about processes and 2) how to instruct.”
  • It Might Be Bad Design If Instructions Are Required by Mark Graban – “Sure enough, there was a full page sheet of laminated instructions on the desk for operating the lights”
  • HR and Innovation “HR must work diligently to make sure that right systems are in place to attract, identify, and capture the best talent to drive innovation.”
  • Learning from Community Medical Care Successes by John hunter – “The only way to get as bad results as we do for the huge cost is to keep doing what we are doing”

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