Helping Employees Improve

One aspect of managing people is to provide positive feedback and show appreciation. Doing so is important. People benefit from encouragement and reinforcement. In addition to just telling them, take action to show your appreciation.

The Dilbert workplace is alive and well. And even in above average management systems there is plenty of resistance faced by those looking to improve systems. For those employees that are making the attempt to improve the organization go beyond saying thanks: actually demonstrate your appreciation. Do what you can to help them achieve.

A manager should be enabling their employees to perform. That means taking positive steps that help them perform. This is even more appreciated than saying thanks. And has the added benefit of helping the organization by helping along their good idea. It is win, win, win. They win, you win and the organization wins.

Thoughts on: Rewards and Recognition

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2 Responses to Helping Employees Improve

  1. Peter Watts says:

    Absolutely agree with you on this. The mark of an excellent manager is in how they develop their people, and the ability to effectively deliver feedback is central to this. It’s sad therefore that so many managers don’t do this nearly enough, or well enough….. or when they do find time, it happens with echoes of Planet Dilbert!

    The best boss I ever had was a guy whose mantra was the belief that as a Manager, your greatest achievement would be to have a member of your team promoted above you, and this attitude permeated his every move as a Manager. Hardly surprisingly, he was the most sought after boss in the business.

    Great blog. I’m enjoying it.

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