Posts from August 2005

  • Purpose of an OrganizationNew Economics, page 51: The aim proposed here for any organization is for everybody to gain – stockholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community, the environment – over the long term.
  • Going Lean in Health Care – Lean ideas will not work, as they should, without changes to the way the organization makes decisions. Failing to understand this factor is one reason some organizations are frustrated with the results they experience when trying to apply lean thinking.
  • The Impact of Six Sigma – I think Six Sigma has been a success. Do I think it the best option? No, I would prefer a Deming based approach. But I think Six Sigma can be a successful improvement strategy. Like most any management strategy, many applying it do so poorly (hacks as Deming would say).
  • Design of Experiments in Advertising – It is great to see the application of Designed Experiments increasing… I am also reminded of a fun article I ran across a few years ago: Three Romeos and a Juliet: – Our early brush with Design of Experiments.
  • Deming’s Seven Deadly Diseases – 1) Lack of constancy of purpose; 2) Emphasis on short term profits (Overreaction to short term variation is harmful to long term success. With such focus on relatively unimportant short term results focus on constancy of purpose is next to impossible.) 3) Evaluation of performance, merit rating or annual review…
  • Gap web site down for days – It baffles me that they think it is acceptable to go offline for days to make a change, even a major one.

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