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Google and Ice: A service story:

“ has been very vocal with its criticism. It’s a classic case of a dissatisfied customer. So from a PR dimension this was a problem for Google.”

“We got a call from Google in February asking us what they could do to help us,” Gniwisch said. He said Google put together a team of people who flew to’s headquarters in Montreal. “We were also on the phone with them two to three times a week for the first three weeks,” he said. “These folks put a lot of time into fully rebuilding our philosophy about AdWords from the ground up.”

Good reaction. Better to have avoided the problem in the first place, but still good to react at some point. The question I have is if they have improved the system to avoid the problems the customer experienced. And have they put in place measures which might indicate a problem (say a significant decline in customer spending) so they could intervene more quickly in the future. The last couple of paragraphs are not a great sign – but it is no surprise, Google (and any other organization) would have plenty to improve.

Quoting a Google manager on several similar customers with similar complaints (basically the return on investment on spending with Google declined over time until it was not worth buying from Google):

“I’m shocked if we don’t already have an ongoing dialogue with these companies,” he said. “I don’t have the particular details but we’ll look into it.”

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