Management Improvement Carnival #11

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival.

  • Deming Point 2 – Adopt a philosophy of cooperation where everyone wins and teach it to everyone by Josh Nankivel – “The win-win environment spearheaded by the project manager and sponsor should make everyone think about issues and conflicts in terms of what is the best method of dealing with it for the whole project and everyone involved.”
  • The wanderings of a lean hitchhiker by Jamie Flinchbaugh – “These are great tools but they are only tools. Instead we need daily continuous improvement, value stream thinking, a culture of standardization and coaching.”
  • What Experiment are you Running? by Lee Fried – “Additionally, we need to greatly expand our efforts around developing standard work for management. Until we have effective checking processes in place it will be hard for us to establish the level of organizational learning necessary to make breakthrough improvement.”
  • Say “No” without Guilt or Embarrassment by Hal Macomber – “Ury’s insight, ‘You cannot truly say Yes to your priorities unless you can truly say No to other demands on your time, attention, and resources.'”, post onPositive No by William Ury.
  • LeanBlog Podcast – Jim Womack, State of the Auto World by Mark Graban – “GE has been a ‘make the numbers’ company as opposed to a ‘fix the company’ company, says Jim. But now GE is saying they have to be like Toyota…”
  • Repetitions versus Replications by Ron Pereira – “We should definitely randomize runs if possible within blocks. Like you said, this may not be possible for cost or time purposes.”
  • Will the Real TPS Sensei Please Stand Up? by Jon Miller – “What American management needs is a an old sensei from Toyota who isn’t afraid to tell them how bad their processes are. Will the real TPS sensei please stand up?”
  • The Total Impact of Off-shoring by Mark Edmondson – “I’m not saying that having an off-shore strategy means that a company is not lean. I am saying that having some of your value chain somewhere else in the world for the sole purpose of reducing direct labor costs is a huge red flag.”
  • Confronting Prevailing Wisdom by Kevin Meyer – “they develop long-term partnerships with suppliers and spend considerable time working to support and nurture those suppliers”
  • Six Sigma Most Wanted List #4 by Gianna Clark – The busybody, “Everybody knows that this naysayer is too busy for Six Sigma because the naysayer is constantly telling everyone.”
  • Information Technology and Management by John Hunter – “The IT solutions should support the organization and help the organization improve performance. The technology should not” force the organization to conform to processes dictated by the software.

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