The Curious Cat Management Improvement blog exists to encourage the adoption of customer focused continual improvement management practices and to help those adopting such practices to succeed.

Focused on Deming’s ideas, lean manufacturing (lean thinking), customer focus, systems thinking, leadership, Toyota Production System (TPS) and innovation.

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The author of this blog is John Hunter. John also wrote an ebook expanding on the ideas presented in this blog – Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability.

Honors for the blog include: Top 50 Leadership blogs by Blogrank (in top 10 from 2010-2015), Top 10 Management & Leadership Blogs by Marcus Buckingham, The Top 50 Leadership Blogs by Evan Carmichael, Top 100 Blogs for Software Developers, 20 Essential Six Sigma Blogs by Business Insider. See full list of honors for the Curious Cat Management Blog.


  • John Hunter is my go-to guy and gateway to all things process improvement. He’s a systems thinker and a pioneer in using the net to share information that improves processes. If you’re familiar with process improvement methodologies, you’ll probably find something in this list to spark an idea. If you’re not familiar with process improvement, this is a good primer. Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership Blog (broken link was removed)
  • You could get lost here for hours. The one benefit if you did, you should come out as a smarter cat! – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blogosphere
  • “You made a big difference in my life. Curious Cat is one of the best blogs anywhere. I like your two added deadly diseases.” allenscottconsulting on Reddit
  • Best of the Best (broken link was removed) – LearnSigma

In 2004, this blog was added to the Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections site (active since 1995). That site includes the Curious Cat Management Improvement Encyclopedia and other resources for managers.