Six Sigma in Sales

Can Six Sigma Work in a Sales and Marketing Environment? [the broken link was removed] by Paul Selden:

The more systematic view demystifies sales….
As such, that system can be subjected to objective analysis using tools common to Six Sigma and other well-grounded disciplines.

Sales is often an area that is treated as though it were separate from the company. That leads to all sorts of problems. Sales needs to be seen as part of the system of the organization and managed in that way. Just remember systemic thinking (viewing the entire system) will be needed, not just analysis (viewing the components of a system).

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One thought on “Six Sigma in Sales

  1. Its really bad situation for all the products sales. but all the six sigma products are related to quality. so its easy to sale the products is not much task. at the same time, Compared to the try-fail method, in which practitioners may generate thousands of ideas before finding a really useful concept for developing a new product or service, So we have to use six sigma policies to develop a quality products.



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