Lean Thinking in Printing

How Going Lean Made Kell Better [the broken link was removed] by Kevin Cooper

Lean is a total enterprise strategy. Lean thinking is not constrained to only manufacturing but a business strategy that involves the entire company. Many lean tools are implemented on a small scale to get momentum rolling, but your thinking about change should embrace the entire business model.

Well put.

Over the past few months, I’ve attended industry conferences in Scottsdale, Orlando, Richmond and Chicago. Of note, at each one there was an ongoing focus on lean business principles and their application in the print industry.

This is good news. Granted I think much of the effort put into things called lean will be superficial and fadish in nature. But one benefit of lean manufacturing ideas becoming ever more popular is more people not familiar with lean thinking ideas will learn. And some of them will go on to make great changes in their organizations.

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