Investing Update

The recent performance of some of the long term stock picks has not been good. Several continue to have pretty good results so far, including: Google, Toyota, Templeton Emerging Market Fund, Petro China.

Several have had sharp declines recently including: Dell, Intel, Yahoo and Amazon. Is it time to sell any of these stocks? I don’t think so. I am a bit less confident about Dell and Intel than I was a year ago but I still think holding the stocks makes sense. Yahoo I think is fine and will consider buying more after doing some more research. Amazon continues to disappoint on the earnings front but I still believe the long term story is strong – though again I am a bit less confident than in the past.

My favorite stock, at these prices, is the one I most recently recommended: Tesco (the stock has been doing well since then). Overall I am happy with continuing to hold all the stocks.

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