Lean Manufacturing Dream

This article is from 2001 and worth reading. It is important to keep up with what is currently happening but there is a great deal of useful information from 5, 10,20, 50… years ago.

Achieving the lean dream [the broken link was removed] by Nelson J. Teed:

Growth and lean are great partners for another reason. Positive employee reaction to lean is crucial to success, and not automatic. Lean improves productivity and can reduce the number of people needed. Layoffs and employee involvement don’t mix — it’s the surest way to kill a lean conversion. The freed personnel should be absorbed by growth and natural attrition.

In some instances job cuts are required, but cuts are something to be upset with not brag about. If a lean effort brags about job cuts I think that is a very bad sign. See posts on respect for people a very important component of Deming and lean management systems.

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