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Lean Retailing

Lean Manufacturing Needs Lean Retailers [the broken link was removed] by Bill Waddell: Stuck in their outdated business model, with a simple minded economic model, they all scour the globe looking for a supplier they can wring a few cents … Continue reading

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America’s Manufacturing Future

A Wake-up Call From Asia [the broken link was removed] by Patricia Panchak [the broken link was removed]: China and India very aggressively are pursuing advanced manufacturing. Increasingly, China’s exports to the U.S. are composed of advanced-technology products. … J.P. … Continue reading

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Selecting Six Sigma Black Belts

A Question of Balance by Jim Bossert and Larry Krynski, Quality Digest. The articles explores attributes needed by black belts: personal, technical ability, training, experience, aptitude and culture. “This article examines “each attribute to see how it contributes to selecting … Continue reading

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Inside Google

A View Into Google’s Inner Workings [the broken link was removed] by Dan Farber: Merrill listed the following attributes of Google’s development culture: Hire smart people who are nice to work with Flat management structure No silos, open communications Ideas … Continue reading

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Quality, SPC and Your Career

Lead To Succeed [sigh, ASQ broke the link so I removed it, it sure gets tiring how backwards some organizations still are about using the internet, June 2010] by Stephen S. Prevette: * Succeed as a quality professional by branding … Continue reading

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Six Sigma Government for Liberia?

Using Six Sigma to Reinvigorate Public Corporations by Andre Pope There must be a national policy that spells out the performance metrics for public corporations. The NPCC will then be charged to evaluate the performance of each public corporation on … Continue reading

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Rebirth of American Industry

William Waddell excellent posts on the Evolving Excellence blog are always an interesting read. He, and Norman Bodek, have published a new book, Rebirth of American Industry. Read the full Excerpt from the book [the broken link was removed]. The … Continue reading

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Should GM be Removed from the DJIA?

Topic: Investing Should Dow boot GM? by Chris Isidore, GM’s market capitalization has fallen to about $11 billion, less than half that of the next smallest Dow stock… “It is coming,” he said of the idea of a foreign … Continue reading

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Lean Health Care: ThedaCare

ThedaCare Shares Lean Secrets (link broken, so removed): ThedaCare adapted the lean business practice technique commonly referred to as Toyota Production System two years ago after a visit to the Ariens Co. in Brillion. There, ThedaCare officials saw firsthand how … Continue reading

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TPS v. Lean Manufacturing

Great article from Superfactory, TPS vs. Lean and the Law of Unintended Consequences [the broken link was removed] by Art Smalley: Real TPS is not just about “flow” or “pull production” or “cellular manufacturing” or any of the other catchy … Continue reading

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