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One of the posts highlighted in the last post was one example of how Southwest behaves [the broken link has been removed]. It wasn’t a one time thing. It was a common result of the system Southwest has in place where they treat customers like human beings that should be respected (as Southwest does with employees).

Then you have the typical horrible treatment the other airlines practice. Like this example where Delta damages this guys bike and refuses to accept responsibility. That is until they suffered a huge amount of additional ill will over such horrible treatment of James Lawrence, who is participating in 20 half iron mans to raise money to help provide systems to provide water for those in Africa in need of it.

Which is similar to when United broke the guitar of this guy, except United I guess figured more bad publicity really doesn’t matter given that it seems to basically be their business plan. On the bright side if you do a good job of complaining you can actually do well. But thousands of people (probably tens or hundreds of thousands) suffer the results of systems destine to provide horrible service.

Systems of people function in repeatably ways. Based on the horrible service airlines provide you can be almost certain their managers do not treat employees with respect. When organizations treat front line staff as costs that need to be minimized and as unthinking, untrustworthy problems they will almost certainly pass on the bad treatment to customers.

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2 thoughts on “Southwest Not Delta or United

  1. Lost in the Northeast

    Southwest just decided to no longer honor our corporate credit card “ghost card” system, making it necessary for travelers to use their own credit cards and be reimbursed by the company. This is one more nagging issue I don’t need and one more reason why I NEVER fly Southwest. Add this to their “festival seating” which penalizes non-frequent flyers by almost assuring them middle seats no matter how long prior to their flight they book the trip and their uncomfortable leather seats, (leather looks cool, but does not support the lumbar well, creating backache, etc.).

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